to magenta my wife

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to magenta my wife

Post  Soul spinelli on Sun Oct 11, 2009 7:20 am

for what we did and went through

Still remember the first day
I kissed your cheek...
A spark of color highlighted
your emotions making your
ashen face ruby red, I knew
then my love was felt.
Such a beautiful sight forever
imprinted in my dreams
as I sleep my nights with you.

Blood hot as a lava flow
engulfed me with your kiss
Longings stirred deep within
afraid my feelings would show
playfully kissing you back
ablaze with anticipation and ardor

Sometimes I wonder why
I'm so fixated with your
mint green scent or your
smooth shaped arms...
I could spend everyday like
this just breathing you in
as you kiss me lower.

Intoxicated I've become a slave
to desire, a puppet that your bare
essence controls at will.
Unable to break the silken ties
of your sultry web Unwilling
to deny these lips your flavor.

from tristars leader kirby to mi amor magenta
Soul spinelli
Soul spinelli

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