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Super Smash Bros Brawl Hacks

Post  landmaster05 on Mon Sep 07, 2009 2:58 am

Super Smash Bros. Brawl

every Alloy killed equals 1000(press L during the match) [matt123337]
284DE4B0 FFBF0040
049546EC 380403E8
Game may freeze if you activate outside of the match

Death Boundary Mod V2 [spunit262]
C2931438 0000001D
3C004248 90010008
C0610008 3C004B00
60000800 90010008
C0210008 3C809018
A0640F3A 88840F3C
811D0020 38A2FCD8
84C50008 80E50004
54C0463E 7C001800
40A2009C 54C0673E
2C00000F 41A2000C
7C002000 40A20088
54C0E53F 4182001C
68000800 B001000A
C0010008 FC000828
FC80182A D0880000
54C0452E 50E0463F
4182001C 68000800
B001000A C0410008
FC420828 FC821828
D0880004 54E0A53F
4182001C 68000800
B001000A C0C10008
FCC60828 FC861828
D0880008 54E0053F
4182001C 68000800
B001000A C0E10008
FCE70828 FC87182A
D088000C 7CC03B79
4082FF50 00000000
Special thank to Igglyboo, his coordinate hacks helped.

Death Boundary Mod Data [spunit262]
065A9000 00000010
15F00000 00000FC8
35F0F510 AF000000

Format is [spunit262]
065A9000 000000ZZ
Z=it the byte count of the data, It's 8*number_of_lines **IN HEX**.
LLL=left-boundary in hex.
RRR=right-boundary in hex.
TTT=top-boundary in hex.
VVV=bottom-boundary in hex.

Unversal Size Mod [spunit262]
It changes the size just about everything, including items, but not stage elements. It how ever has a slight glitch as it is applied twice to items when grab and characters being thrown or footstooling. For items the double applying is purely graphical, but for characters their hotbox is also affected and for large values can be KO of the bottom just by being thrown.

Frame Speed Mod Engine V2 [spunit262]
C2766C20 00000010
3C008180 807D0008
8063FFFC 7C030000
4080000C 80630030
48000008 386000FF
809D0014 C0240040
FC40081E D8410008
8001000C 80BD007C
80A50038 38C200D8
84E60008 2C070000
41820030 7CE8C671
41A0000C 7C081800
4082FFE8 54E8863E
7C004000 41A0FFDC
54E8043E 7C082800
4082FFD0 C0060004
D01F0010 00000000
C2766FB8 00000003
2C1D0001 4182000C
C0230010 48000008
C02283C8 00000000
Based on codes originally by Phantom Wings

Frame Speed Mod Data [spunit262]
065A9400 00000018
Format is [spunit262]
XX is charactor id and need the following code to work.
YY is the first frame the speed mod is applyed (experimental)
ZZZZ is the action Id
LLLLLLLL is the multiplier for frame speed.
1. The first one on the list that matches is used.
2. It detects the end of the list, by reading 00000000, this means that you can't modify Mario's standing animation starting with the first frame (who care), And you need to make sure that there are zeros after it.
3. FF is use as the Character id for every one.
4. You need to modify the byte count when adding new lines, it's the second part of the first line "Frame Speed Mod Data". The value is 8 per line, I alway count it by count line pair (excluding the first line), multiply that by 0x10 (16 decimal) and add 8 if the number of lines is odd.

Charactor Id Fix [spunit262]
C28152E4 00000002
819E003C 907EFFFC
60000000 00000000

Hitstun, originally by Phantom Wings [spunit262]
02B88F48 00030001

P.Trainer Infinite Stamina, originally by Phantom Wings [spunit262]
04A8BDAC 60000000

No ledge Grabbing [spunit262]
C27812B0 00000003
2C04000A 40A20008
38000000 5400CFFF
60000000 00000000
based on "No Auto Sweetspotting Phantom Wings"

No Auto Sweetspotting, originally by Phantom Wings [spunit262]
C27812B0 00000006
2C04000A 40A20020
8181003C 816C0018
C00B0010 C02B001C
FC000840 40A10008
38000000 5400CFFF
60000000 00000000

Triple Jump Fix, originally by Phantom Wings [spunit262]
04858DCC 38830003

Dash Cancel, originally by Phantom Wings [spunit262]
C2764EBC 00000007
90810014 54846CFE
2C0417E5 41A00024
8081009C 80A4007C
80A50038 2C050005
40A20010 3C004F00
80840014 90040040
60000000 00000000

No FastFall on C-stick [spunit262]
0485E27C 40A20008
0485E278 2C000001
Used info for "Dash Cancel Phantom Wings"

Custom CSS V3 [spunit262]
0668310C 00000030
387E006C 3B600000
3C808068 38840DE0
7CBB20AE 7CA50775
41800014 94A30004
3B7B0001 2C1B0032
4180FFE8 48000038
04690338 48000068
066900d8 00000008
2c170028 41820168
02680DE0 0022FFFF
06680DE0 000000YY
<!--!include:CSS Values-->

Costom Random V1 [spunit262]
06685824 0000000C
3C608068 7C630214
88630E80 00000000
046857F0 3AE000YY
06680E80 000000YY
<!--!include:CSS Values-->

CSS Values
Needs "Giga and Company Engine V2" for Giga and Company.
Needs "Independent Pokemon Engine +no wreck My Music V2"
for Independent Pokemon.
Needs "CSS fixes for Giga and Company V2" for Both.
YY Number of characters
00 Mario
01 Donkey Kong
02 Link
03 Samus
04 Zero Suit Samus
05 Yoshi
06 Kirby
07 Fox
08 Pikachu
09 Luigi
0A Captain Falcon
0B Ness
0C Bowser
0D Peach
0E Zelda
0F Sheik
10 Ice Climbers
11 Marth
12 Mr. Game & Watch
13 Falco
14 Ganondorf
15 Wario
16 Metaknight
17 Pit
18 Pikmin & Olimar
19 Lucas
1A Diddy Kong
1B Pokemon Trainer
1C Charizard
1D Squirtle
1E Venasaur
1F Dedede
20 Lucario
21 Ike
22 Robot
23 Jigglypuff
24 Toon Link
25 Wolf
26 Snake
27 Sonic
28 None
29 Random
50 Popo
62 Nana
5C Charizard (Trainer Independant)
5D Squirtle (Trainer Independant)
5E Venasaur (Trainer Independant)
4C Giga Bowser
55 WarioMan
4A ZakoRed (Red Alloy)
4E ZakoBlue (Blue Alloy)
40 ZakoYellow (Yellow Alloy)
46 ZakoGreen (Green Alloy)

Hold Shield for Giga & Company V2 [spunit262]
046847C4 60000000
C268482C 00000003
3800003F 981400B8
2C1D0003 40A20008
3BA00004 00000000
Needs "Giga and Company Engine V2" or
"Independent Pokemon Engine +no wreck My Music V2"

Giga and Company Engine V2 [spunit262]
C2684964 00000013
881400B8 2C00003F
41A00088 2C030010
40A20008 38600011
2C030026 40A20008
38600012 2C03001D
40A20008 3860001E
2C03001F 40A20008
38600020 2C030021
40A20008 38600022
2C03000C 40A20008
3860002C 2C030017
40A20008 3860002D
2C03000A 40A20008
3860002E 2C03000E
40A20008 3860002F
2C030000 40A20008
38600030 2C030006
40A20008 38600031
987400B8 00000000
Needs "Alloys don't crash and Others don't wreck My Music V2" for safty.

Independent Pokemon Engine +no wreck My Music V2 [spunit262]
06407BD0 0000000E
04030F0D 1E1B1F1B
201B211B 221B0000
C2684964 00000007
881400B8 2C00003F
41A00028 2C03001D
40A20008 3860001E
2C03001F 40A20008
38600020 2C030021
40A20008 38600022
987400B8 00000000.

CSS fixes for Giga and Company V2 [spunit262]
C2684940 00000002
9BB400B8 57BD06BE
2C1D001B 00000000
040AF8D4 546025B6
040AF964 546025B6
040AF830 546025B6
040AF528 546025B6
040AF810 546025B6
040AF880 546025B6
040AF848 546025B6

CSS fixes for Samus/ZSS and Zelda/Shiek V2 [spunit262]
80693D50 38800004
06693D6C 00000008
38000000 3880000F
046900E8 60000000
04697F58 60000000
04697EEC 60000000

Alloys don't crash and Others don't wreck My Music V2 [spunit262]
06407BD0 0000000E
04030F0D 1E1B1F1B
201B211B 221B0000
C2815524 0000000D
7C641B78 2C030011
4182000C 2C030012
40A20008 38600010
2C03002C 40A20008
3860000C 2C03002D
40A20008 38600017
2C03002E 40A20008
3860000A 2C03002F
40A20008 3860000E
2C030030 40A20008
38600000 2C030031
40A20008 38600006
4E800020 00000000
C29472D8 00000003
2C04002E 4180000C
90810058 38000000
9801005D 00000000

Unrestricted Control Editing [spunit262]
211973CC 7CC6F82E
051973CC 38C20060
05197468 38620060
05197574 38820060
05197680 38E20060
051976B4 38620060
051978CC 38E20060
065A9380 0000000A
00010203 04050A0B
0C0D0000 00000000
E0000000 80008000
Hacked by Y.S. For NTSC-J, ported by spunit262.

Sub-Stage Select (Common) [spunit262]
066B5E0C 0000000C
38C00000 41A20008
60C60001 00000000
066B5E20 00000010
7CA30039 41A20008
60C60002 7CC03378
C26B5E30 00000004
2C040008 4080000C
70A30010 48000008
74A30008 41A20008
60000004 00000000
C2055760 00000003
3CA09018 60A50F3C
98850000 548407BE
28030005 00000000
04055774 60000000

Sub-Stage Select (metalgear/spear pillar) [spunit262]
C210FA10 00000004
887F0000 546407BE
3484FFFF 4C800382
2C1B0022 4CA21382
4C441202 00000000
C210FA1C 00000003
2C1B0015 4C622B82
40A30008 989F0000
4C422202 00000000

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